Sightseeing near Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira is located in the Rajapuri creek off Murud which one of the best beaches in the Alibaug region. Apart from the beautiful beach and the Murud Janjira itself there are some very interesting spots near Murud Janjira which can be visited during a holiday in Murud.

The beautiful Murud beach with the Kasa fort looming in the horizons is the primary attraction near Murud Janjira. Datta Mandir atop a hillock commands a panoramic view of the shoreline. Khokari Tombs three 500-year-old massive stone tombs of early Murud Janjira rulers is located on the way to Agardanda from Murud Janjira. Eidgah a holy place for Muslims is located about 2 km towards the north of Murud.

Murud Janjira

What to See in Murud Janjira


Eidgah Murud

Complying with the Sunnah - body of traditional practice of the Islamic community, performing Eid namaaz at the outskirts of the town is better than performing it in the town. The Eid Salah performed in the mosque is complete, but performing it in the Eidgah is considered to be more appropriate. The Eid namaaz is generally performed in a huge open place on the outskirts of the town. Keeping Islamic principles in mind, the then Nawab of Sidhi constructed the Eidgah in Murud. Eidgahin Murud is located close to the Datta mandir.

Temples in Murud

Camping in Kashid

There are some very highly revered temples near Murud Janjira. The Ganesh temple in Nandgaon about 10 kms from Murud Janjira is one of the most prominent temples in the region. 'Ganesh utsav' is celebrated at this temple with a lot of pomp and fervor. The Dutta temple is another very popular temple located close to Murud Janjira. Constructed by Swami Bramhendra, the temple has a three-headed statue of Dutta representing the trinity. There is a narrow motorable road and also a walkway with about 350 steps to the temple.

Rupanarayan temple

Rupanarayan temple

Rupanarayan temple is located very close to the Diveagar beach on the way to the beach and the temple is decicated to Vishnu. Idol in the temple is very old and it is a form of Dashavatar idol. Idol in the Rupnarayan mandir is old but very beautifully carved in black sagamravari Rock. The original Rupnarayan nandir is believed to be have been built in the thirteen century. A new Rupnarayan Temple has been built just a few years back on the way to the Diveagar beach and the old idol instaled in the newly constructed temple.

Kashid Hotels
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Kashid Hotels

Murud Janjira The Formidable Fortress

Murud Janjira

Few forts in Maharashtra have a history as exciting as Murud-Janjira. The fort belonged to a dynasty of Siddhis who where from Abyssinia, in far North Africa. Murud Janjira the sea fortress built on an island 500m off Murud, has the distiction of never being defeated in a war despite numerous attempts by the British and the Marathas even after repeated attempts.


One of the few forts which eluded Shivaji Maharaj even after repeated attempts Murud Janjira is still one of the most well preserved sea forts in Maharashtra. Believed to be one of the strongest sea forts in India from yester years Murud Janjira Fort was built on an oval-shaped rock in the 15th century and was rebuilt by Burhan Khan between 1567 and 1571

Visit Murud Janjira

Murud Janjira has 19 rounded bastions which are all still intact. There are prominent "Ashok Chakras" on all major gates of the fort. Murud Janjira located in mid sea amazingly has a fresh water source within. Murud Janjira can be approached from Rajapuri and Dighi wharf by wind powered sail boats. Ferry to Murud Janjira is available around the year but for the monsoons.

Kashid Beach

Kashid beach flanked by the Revdanda & Korlai fort to its north and the legendary Murud Janjira fort to its south is 20 kms from Murud Janjira. Kashid with its lush green surroundings and the soft sandy beach doesn't take long to capture the imagination of any nature lover.

Kashid beach tucked between two rocky hillocks on the Alibaug-Murud road is one of the most popular beaches in northern Konkan. Kashid beach unlike other beaches in Alibaug has a semblence of a white sand beach and it stretches along for almost 2 kms with some rocky patches. Kashid also enjoys much higher waves than other beaches in Alibaug making Kashid a popular destination for water sports. Hotels in Kashid are concentrated towards Chikni 2 kms from Kashid beach

Water sports in Kashid